Kill the fake Bill - Volume 1

The essential white paper to understand in a quirky but effective way about the different types of authorized push payment fraud and the modus operandi used by fraudsters.

Authorize Push Payment Fraud

This first volume of our "Kill the Fake Bill" series illustrates various fraud risks in an original way.

Cybercrime and fraud risk continue unabated, particularly in France, the preferred European country for fraudsters. In the form of articles and comic strips, this white paper makes companies aware of this scourge and provides them the means to prevent it.

Our sincere hope is that this white paper will help make companies aware of increased fraud in a context of accelerated digital transformation.

  • Fake Supplier fraud
  • Fake President fraud
  • Fake bank advisor fraud
  • Phishing

By downloading it, you are contributing to the fight against fraud!

Any resemblance to existing or former persons may or may not be a coincidence...

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